Need Parts?

BD Spare Parts

Below is a list of spare parts for the BD Macro-Vue Card Test Rotator available for purchase from BCD and Associates.

To order either:
1) Email Purchase Order to:
2) Call either 317-873-5394 or 317-590-8863

Part Number Description Price
312-5070 Motor $91.50
322-5040 Timer $98.40
310-0140 Power Switch $14.20
080-0010 Fuse, 2 required $1.50 each
302-5041 Power Cord $13.60
325-0373 Coupling Spider $7.10
716-3501 Drive Bushing (Has rib inside hole) $6.35
716-3800 Idler Bushing, 2 required $6.35 each

Note: If you are looking for a replacement Motor and the serial number of your Rotator does not begin with "90012", you will need to contact Barnstead International Corp. (800-553-0039;;

We look forward to building a partnership with you and determining the right choice for creating a technical solution that meets your needs.