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GDS Diagnostics - STAT-SITE

The product was designed for GDS Diagnostics, a division of GDS Technologies. It was the first multiple test blood analyte reflectance meter brought to market. BCD started the pilot manufacturing process for GDS and handed full manufacturing responsibilities off to them when they had met FDA requirements.

Becton Dickinson - Agglutination Viewer

This product was designed for Becton Dickinson. It is an Agglutination Viewer that is used in blood labs to examine blood samples. To date, BCD has manufactured over 6,500 Agglutination Viewers for Becton Dickinson.

Imaginal Systematics - AutoStapler 2000

This product was designed in collaboration with Imaginal Systematics. It is a six axis, vision guided robotic stapling machine used to automate the current manual stapling process being used in the bedding industry.

Becton Dickinson - QBC Centrifuge Lid Latch

This product was design for Becton Dickinson. It is a sub-assembly of their QBC Centrifuge which is the locking mechanism for the lid. To date BCD has manufactured over 24,000 of these assemblies for Becton Dickinson.

Roche Diagnostics - CoaguChek Test Fixture

This product was designed for Roche Diagnostics. It is a calibration test fixture used in the manufacturing of the CoaguChek Coagulation meter. BCD manufactures these for Roche Diagnostics as needed.

Becton Dickinson - IQ Reaction Module

This product was designed and manufactured for Becton Dickinson. It was a process station for their IQ Immunochemistry Analyzer.

Becton Dickinson - Sensi-Disc Dispensers

In mid-2012, BCD and Associates took over the manufacturing of Becton Dickinson’s line of Sensi-Disc products. This included their Sensi-Disc Designer Dispenser System, 6 & 8-Place Self-Tamping Dispensers and Single Disc Dispenser.

Sensi-Disc Designer Dispenser System (through 2016, we have manufactured 4,200 of these)

6-Place Self-Tamping Dispenser (through 2016, we have manufactured 1,700 of these)

8-Place Self-Tamping Dispenser (through 2016, we have manufactured 3,320 of these)

Single Disc Dispenser through (2016, we have manufactured 16,500 of these)

Becton Dickinson - Macro-Vue Card Test Rotator

This product was designed for Becton Dickinson. It is a laboratory rotator to be used with the Macro-Vue RPR Card Test for the serological detection of syphilis. BCD started manufacturing this product for Becton Dickinson in July 2007.

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